A New Way To Create Connection In Your School Community

Is improving parent understanding and support on your wish list?

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Have you been frustrated when a wonderful parent education program you prepared is under-attended?

Have you wondered how an online learning program might help reach your families?

Good News!

Maren Schmidt and Ronda Kay are giving school leaders a new way to build connection and community, at a time when building connection and community is so important.

Click Maren’s message below to hear our amazing discovery when schools connect their families and staff through Maren’s Seeing Your Child The Montessori Way...

This is a turnkey solution for Montessori schools to quickly and effectively launch their own online social learning community, exclusive to their school.

And school leaders receive a complimentary companion course “Tips For Success” with step-by-step directions on how to implement the program for best success.

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How It Works, Pricing, Preview

MarenMaren says: “Let’s build your ideal school community with families who truly appreciate what you offer as I assist you in guiding them to become vital members.

Click to play and let me tell you how this works… We can’t wait to help you succeed with this new parent education option!”


Now come in and take a look!

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Ronda Kay

Hi, I’m Ronda Kay.

Sounds great, right?  

Are you wondering:  How will I get parents to use this?

Here’s more good news:  I’m here to help you with tips for ensuring that parents actually participate.

To implement your first online ‘social learning’ program successfully you’ll need some help.  Maren and I are collaborating so that Montessori Family Connection can provide this extra support for you and your school.

I’ll work with you personally to accomplish two important goals:  To maximize the value to your school and the effectiveness of your parents’ experience.

Maximizing The Value To Your School

We’ve worked hard to make this affordable so that all members of your school community can participate– moms, dads, school staff, grandparents, nannies, babysitters.


(Regularly priced @ US$100 per individual subscription)


School Discount Packages

Now 20 Subscriptions for just US$500!
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What’s Included With Your  $US500 School Discount Package? 

Each package includes 20 individual subscriptions for parents and staff 

Your school’s private online ‘social learning’ area with Maren Schmidt 

Support for your families:  With lots of encouragement for 90 days

  • 6 weeks of engaging materials that participants work through at their own pace
  • 90 days of personal connection to ask Maren questions privately
  • Choice of learning styles: Watch, read, and listen
  • A social learning environment with discussion areas to share ideas
  • Monthly Q&A teleseminars with Maren and recordings to listen to later
  • Ongoing email reminders to keep them engaged in the process
  • Completion Certificate for parents and 5 hours CEU for staff 

A fresh new way to transform your families from uncertain to confident partners

  • School Access to observe participants working through the program
  • Rolling enrollment over 12 months from purchase – start your families as needed
  • Tipson how to use the program for best results
  • 60_guarantee60-day money back guarantee: We’ll help you get good results. If you’re not satisfied with your progress at 60 days, we’ll refund your purchase.

Maximize Effectiveness Of Parents Experience

Four ways Maren captures parents attention to ‘do the work’!

iStock_000015956319XSmall_cr1. Meet the parents where they are – online.  Each school’s program is a private online ‘parents prepared environment’  where Maren guides your families with interesting activities they can work on at their own pace.

Weekly sessions are delivered over 6 weeks, lasting about an hour, divided into 5 to 10 minute activity segments.  Parents can choose to watch, listen, or read.  And they have another six weeks, or more, to absorb and review.

social-learning-clip2. Energize your community with discussions parents share with other school families.

Discussions prompt activity among your participants with questions to spark parent collaboration.  And school staff can join parent discussions to support their progress along the way.


brain-full2. Speak their language, first.  Many parents experience overwhelm when confronting Montessori methodology.  To avoid this, Maren first incorporates child development principles they’re familiar with, and science-based proofs they trust.


shutterstock_20517464_thumb3. Tap into their personal interest in their own child.  The #1 concern parents shared with us when surveyed was worry about not seeing their child’s progress.  

Maren harnesses this primary interest and guides them to see their child ‘the Montessori way’.  And she gives them confidence in applying Montessori methodology at home.


comminfoWhat parents are saying…

“The handouts were really great with lots of useful, real life ideas to consider and implement.”

“I appreciate various modalities to learn  - watch, listen, or read as I like…”

“I loved the whole thing, the videos were great, the fact that I could download and refer back to the material, the opportunity to ask Maren my questions, and a place to have a dialog with other school families…” 

How long are you going to dream of families
that truly appreciate Montessori education?

Take Action! Start making a difference today.

Yes! I am ready to transform my school community by helping my families understand their child the Montessori way.

Ronda KayContact me now to set up a complimentary consultation to review options to suit the program to your needs – to maximize the value to your school, as well as maximize the effectiveness of your parents’ experience.

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or email me at:  rondakay@montessorifamilyconnection.com

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For most of our families, a strong school/home partnership is a new experience.

Our goal with this program is to ease your work as a school leader in assimilating new families into your school community.

Now Maren can support you in transforming new families into dream families, guiding them in the importance of the home/school relationship in helping children on their journey to adulthood.

What school leaders are saying…

mcup“I appreciate having an outside credible source explain Montessori to parents. They’ll listen better to someone who has no financial or vested stake in getting their co-operation, and Maren’s guidance means less stress on my relationship with them.”

“Very solid material.  Definitely worth the investment of $500 to get 20 parents and teachers started with such powerful guidance.  It’s so important that all parents hear this!…”

“Although this is intended for new parents, it makes a great refresher course for Montessori teachers and directors.  It’s also be a great fit for parents who are already enrolled in Montessori.”

How to Buy


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We’ll work with you to implement your program for best results. If you are not satisfied with your progress at 60 days, we’ll refund your purchase.


Ronda Kay

Need more answers?   We welcome your questions!

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What School Leaders are saying…

mcup“Very solid intro to the material…. Positive overview….”

“This is great. Connecting the way children and adults learn is very helpful. It actually made me think about how the staff at our school can do this to help make our work “joyful” too…”

“It’s so important that all parents hear this!…”



  • What if a parent doesn’t participate?  If you give them this opportunity and the parent doesn’t participate, as a school leader you have spent $25 to find out that this particular parent is not willing to participate in your school community.  Money well spent. You still have a chance to add a family with a three year old that will participate.
  • What’s the benefit when a parent does engage?  For those parents that do work through the program, you should see a new kind of engagement in your school families.  Goals for your program include higher retention rates and higher rates of parent recommendations, which all translates to happy children and a healthier school community.
  • What if…?  A program like this takes some time to reach full potential, as parents engage and benefit and tell each other about it.   We’ll support you to launch your program for good results.  If you are not satisfied with your progress after 60 days we will be happy to honor a request to refund your payment.



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About Us

What is Montessori Family Connection all about?

Hi, I’m RRonda Kayonda Kay. And I’m passionate about giving children support to grow to their full potential. I’ve preferred working and being with kids all my life – their energy energizes me, and I thrive on the joy of life pouring from their eyes and hearts.

I’m blessed to have watched my 5 children marry to become ten, and over the last decade I’ve relished our family explosion with …. Over 2 dozen grandchildren!  A huge joy, but also a huge
reminder that my responsibility is to try and be a steward of transferring the legacy of living a meaningful purposeful life.

shutterstock_80623972But I’m deeply disturbed by the global education crisis.

It’s painful watching the majority of yet another generation wither in conventional schooling under the factory model that contradicts inborn learning desire and squelches growth. 

It doesn’t work, that’s been proven. 

But how can we navigate the tricky tightrope between what we think they need and what children truly need to reach their full potential?

The best framework I’ve found is Maria Montessori’s methodology. And it’s been working for over 100 years.

And so I want to try and make a difference by supporting schools that provide this wonderful option and the parents who make the wise choice of providing Montessori education for their children.

Why I created Montessori Family Connection

When parents understand the value of Montessori education and the importance of the school/parent partnership, children benefit in unexpected ways.  

However, if Montessori parents are delighted with their child’s growth, but cannot explain how or why it happens, then they are at risk for supporting their choice – and their school loses the power of informed parent recommendations to grow their community. 

And schools are challenged to do their best work with the children if parents don’t ‘get’ Montessori.  

But, how do we reach busy parents with meaningful parent education?

Times have changed.  Occasional parent education events at school are not enough.

Kids have time to go to school. Parents do not.   

But schools don’t have the deep resources required to create an online program to reach parents conveniently ‘where they are’ with engaging guidance in understanding Montessori.

And parents have a difficult time absorbing Montessori concepts on their own.  They need a caring guide, just like their children need at school!

What could I do to help them?

My Happy Collaboration With Maren Schmidt

MarenMaren Schmidt, M.Ed., 25-year Montessori educator and family friend, had recently published her much beloved book “Understanding Montessori:  A Guide For Parents”.   With her talent and warm wisdom, Maren is able to explain Montessori in a calm, engaging way that thousands of parents and educators worldwide have come to depend on.

I contacted Maren and we discovered a shared passion to help school leaders with their parent education challenge, to transform parents from uncertain to confident about their choice in Montessori education.

We realized that school leaders needed a new solution that could reach busy parents ‘where they are’ – online.  And our fascinating journey to discover how to create an innovative online Montessori parent education program began.  

Our collaboration has been the bright spots of my days now for several years.  We connect daily over 13 time zones from her home in Hawaii to mine in Israel!    We’ve exchanged thousands of emails, and probably hundreds of phone calls, as well as happy meetings at Montessori events.  Under Maren’s tutelage I’ve been able to absorb Montessori concepts and put them into practice in every area of my life.  

And now I am honored and inspired by her trust in me and Montessori Family Connection in our collaboration to bring her new parent education program, Seeing Your Child The Montessori Way, to Montessori schools and families worldwide!  

Maren_sqMaren says “Starting this kind of educational program requires a lot of coordination.

I’m collaborating with Ronda Kay, at Montessori Family Connection, in order to provide the necessary ongoing support for your school.  

Ronda will work with you personally, to review options for implementing this program.

Ronda and I want to work with you and your parents to maximize the effectiveness of their experience as well as maximize the value to your school.”


So welcome!  I look forward to getting to know you.

Our goal at Montessori Family Connection is to provide school leaders
with a bridge from school to home, when and where parents need it.

My hope is that Montessori Family Connection will be a pipeline of inspiration and practical strategies for Montessori school leaders to enhance their families’ understanding of Montessori and integrate it into happy productive home life.

Helping children to more fully reach their potential, and parents to more fully enjoy the journey, is a building block for stronger communities, nations, and the future of our world.

If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children,
for the children are the makers of men.
Maria Montessori

treeWith blessings for joining our children in their learning for life!

Ronda Kay

Please feel free to contact me to share thoughts or concerns at: rondakay@montessorifamilyconnection.com